“Her mind is like an iron box.... nothing escapes it”
Hugh Scrimgeour – Chairman & CEO, Earls Court Olympia

Our unique forecasting skills stem from our unconventional approach to each market.

We never assume what our clients know or don't know about their market or competition. Instead we tackle each project from the ground-up and we let the facts speak for themselves. This allows us to capture the most relevant information — that which guides our strategic recommendations.

We bring a fresh and objective perspective to the information used to make decisions. Yet, our approach is straightforward: A vast amount of information is gathered from a variety of sources; it is synthesised and analyzed. Then we piece together a coherent picture that reveals the market dynamics and unseen shifts or nuances that are impacting a business/industry and driving transformation. We convert these insights into actionable strategies.

Key steps include:

  • Market Awareness: Assessment of market trends and how these impact customers
  • Competitive Positioning: In-depth analysis which illustrates how a product/company is positioned and how the market is served
  • Long Range Planning and Market Strategy: We identify the business model necessary to move ahead of the curve. We then articulate a vision and how to attain it