Our Mission is to map the emerging market terrain, design the new business models, and chart paths that enable clients to navigate the changing paradigms of business today.

Vision Strategies is a consulting firm that specializes in market mapping and strategic planning. We not only map emerging market trends and shifts but we also create the structures that enable the transformation (repositioning) of companies in order to remain relevant in today’s rapidly changing environment.

Our expertise is grounded in insightful market evaluations that often indicate shifts, even before these are evident to the market itself. For instance, when Comdex announced its entry to the UK market we predicted that it would fail. Within 3 years, Comdex folded its UK operations.

Using a new form of cartography and the insight to use knowledge effectively, we have an unique ability to extract knowledge from information. Such insights have empowered our clients to exploit market strengths and position their companies for growth.