“Tenacious, Creative, Challenging...... that is what we looked for and what we found in our collaboration with Vision Strategies”
Clive Pinder– Client Partner, Viant Consulting Group

Vision Strategies offers an array of mapping and strategic services.

Market Map
A market map provides an unique look at "what is” and at “what will be”. It illustrates a company's current position, its ideal position (based on what is possible), and then outlines how to get there.

Strategic Plan
We analyse trends and shifts in an industry and assess how a business should respond to market changes. We then create a blueprint outlining the opportunities and the direction to take. This often includes a SWOT analysis of the company/product, as well as the design of new business structures to support any necessary transformation.

Acquisitions Due Diligence & Competitive Analysis
Mergers & Acquisitions are one of the fastest ways for a company to grow and achieve market dominance. A market due diligence assessment (an in-depth review of market dynamics, emerging trends and competitive positioning) can both identify strategically viable acquisitions, and determine the viability of such ventures.

Business Plans/Investment Proposals
Attracting investors/partners is a standard business activity that requires a logical and well-prepared business plan. We prepare and write successful business plans, tender proposals, and/or sponsorship proposals including financial projections.

Qualitative Market Research
To succeed, a strategy must be in alignment with market shifts. Knowing what customers, suppliers, distributors and competitors are doing and thinking becomes critical to this. We conduct one-on-one interviews with key industry leaders, which enable clients to understand the thinking, concerns, and key issues concerning industry leaders.